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I Highly Recommend “Replace Myself” by John Jonas and I’ve Got 6 Amazing Bonuses for You

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

You’re in one of two places right now. You’re either making the kind of money online that you really dreamed of, or you are not. Most people are not, so there’s nothing “wrong” with that unless you fail to take consistent action to get you to where you want to go. Since you’re reading this I assume you are interested in taking massive action!

If you are not where you want to be yet, then you probably know you can’t get there without help. No single business on the planet has succeeded off the back of only one person’s hard work. Any successful business has multiple people working behind the scenes even if there is only one true “mastermind” planning the strategy of your business.

My name is Chris Thompson and I’m a real user of the “Replace Myself” system of outsourcing to the Philippines by John Jonas. This system taught me a great deal about outsourcing and has been an enormous factor in my own success. If you want to learn more about the program you can always go read my Replace Myself Review. Otherwise, let’s talk about how the system (and my bonus) will help you.

Let’s Get Straight To The Point

  • ReplaceMyself teaches you how to outsource all of the labor-intensive parts of your business to other people. The system gives you training materials that you can literally hand over to them to get them up to speed fast. This is a huge time saver. John Jonas has done a great job with these training modules.
  • You really can hire full time employees for around $300-400 per month in the Philippines. I do this today. Since I started, prices have gone up a bit, but are still very reasonable. If you know how to do it, you can get people with great English writing skills. John is not exaggerating about this.
  • I’m a REAL customer of this program and I’ve learned a ton of useful tricks to improve my success rate at hiring great people, and I’ve developed some good business strategies that I will share with you.

Obviously I am an affiliate for
Here’s What you get when you use my link:

Bonus #1: Complete Blueprint so Your First Employee “Pays His Own Salary”.

I’ve written a very detailed report explaining exactly how I have my guys setup review sites to promote niche products on This is not some crappy manual either. This is a solid full-fledged report that goes through all of the reasons for everything that I have my team do for me. You can implement this immediately with the very first person you hire. Using this blueprint, you should be able to generate more than enough income to pay the monthly salary of your outsourced employee. This means that all the ongoing work that your employee does for you will be paid for.

There are actually two files here. The first file is the report for you to read, and the second file is the step by step website setup instructions for you to give to your employee. How’s that for convenience!

Bonus #2: The Truth About Hiring English Writers

It is absolutely true that Filipinos are educated in English, and their culture is very much based around English. You can hire great writers for a great price, but you need to know how to filter out weaker candidates. I’ve learned a lot about how to hire strong writers and weed out those with lesser skills. I’ve documented this process for you. You’ll find this incredibly useful, particularly my strategy for testing their writing skills in such a way that they can’t possibly copy work from elsewhere.

Bonus #3: Important Training on the Creation of Resource Boxes

When you hire someone to create articles for you, they will need to create powerful resource boxes. John Jonas provides an awesome module on article marketing as part of ReplaceMyself, and what I’ve done for you is create a detailed video that you can hand over to your Filipino worker explaining to them exactly how to create a variety of useful resource boxes. This will save you time because you won’t have to do it yourself. I created this because I needed it for my guys!

Bonus #4: Training on Creating Original Articles.

You’ll need your workers to write content that passes the strict “originality” tests of places such as It is very important to communicate with your worker up-front about expectations, and to have an understanding that plagiarism is unacceptable (…I’ve been there)

I have created a training document that you can hand over to your Filipino which addresses this problem. Not only that, but it teaches a simple strategy for creating original articles by reading other online materials, making notes, and translating that material back into your own original article. This is the only “safe” way to use other articles, and is very different from the crappy re-wording jobs I’ve seen from some candidates. This could really save you a lot of hassle!

Bonus #5: Article Marketing Strategy Explained.

In using the ReplaceMyself system I learned a very effective method of article marketing. But I thought it needed to be explained more clearly, which is what I’ve done for you. I’m giving you the same video that I use with my workers to explain to them how we market our articles. You’ll benefit from this directly by understanding the method yourself. Then you’ll benefit again by not having to explain it to your workers – I’ll be doing it for you.

Bonus #6: I’ve Saved the BEST for Last.

I am a huge believer in over delivering. When you use my link to join Replace Myself you get the option to add yourself to my customer-only training list. Let me be very clear about this. I never send you product pitches. I have crafted an insanely valuable series of autoresponder messages that teach you how to implement the stuff that John Jonas is teaching, along with what I’ve learned from others, and from my own blood and sweat.

People on this list have emailed me to tell me that they found my emails more valuable than the entire Replace Myself course. That shocked me because I really love John’s course. But then again – I do deliver value. That’s a promise.

Are You Ready?

Here’s what you need to do in order to claim your bonus.

First – follow this link (or the big link below) and purchase your membership to I want to be really clear about this: Even if you just try it out and decide to ask for a refund you’ll still get my bonus package. I’m very confident that you’ll be a happy customer, as I am.

Remember that when you follow the link you’ll be able to get a totally free training lesson (audio) on outsourcing without spending any money. If you do nothing else at least go grab John’s awesome audio. It’s what made the difference for me.

Second – send me an email at info (at) replace-myself-bonus (dot) com telling me that you’ve used my affiliate link to purchase your membership. I’ll then add you to my database and you’ll get an automated email with download instructions.

It can’t get any more simple that that!

To your success,

Chris Thompson

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