Throughout the internet marketing field, there are many business owners who would rather hire a writer rather than write for themselves. This is because working on your business is generally better than working in your business. Let me share with you a few tips that I’ve developed for hiring and training writers.

1. Ask your potential candidates to send you samples of their writing. Ask for more than one sample, also. You do not want to blindly hire someone based on the content of an email message.

2. If you come up with a fictional topic, you can ask candidates to write about that topic as if it were a real topic. This prevents the writer from being able to copy material from elsewhere. It gives you a chance to see how they write, creatively, without being given any material to start from.

3. Test candidates on their ability to correct basic errors. Pre-write a one or two paragraph sample that is injected with basic English grammar and spelling errors. Focus on verb tenses and plural vs. singular formats. If they can fix all of the mistakes, they are likely better qualified.

4. Avoid having the above-described test done by email. It’s better to have this short test done right on the spot, via Skype chat. This way your candidate won’t have a chance to get help anywhere else. You need to see what they can do on their own.

5. Discuss the volume of writing output that you’ll expect ahead of time. But avoid asking for any kind of software time tracking to be used. You don’t want to make your writer feel like he is punching a time clock. That’s not cool. Focus on quality and quantity, rather than hours.

6. Early on, for example in the first week or two, ask for revisions to any work that is not absolutely perfect. But be nice about it! This will set the tone for what kind of quality you expect while not having you come across as a mean boss.

Stick with it. These are just a few ideas, but ultimately as you outsource your writing you’ll develop more ideas to grow your business. Just take action.

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