I got an email today from someone who claimed my bonus package and I wanted to share what I noticed.

This entrepreneur had hired 3 people from various places, including OnlineJobs.ph and given them the task of installing WordPress (just as John Jonas recommends). Let’s call this entrepreneur “Paul” just to hide his or her identity.

Paul had not heard from his employees in a few days and noticed they were taking 8-12 hours to reply to emails during supposed “working hours”. He was beginning to worry that outsourcing just doesn’t work.

I suggested getting on Skype and having an actual conversation. This is a HUGELY important thing to keep in mind, guys. You can’t just rely on email for problem solving. Sometimes you’ll have given your person a task that they have no idea how to handle. If you just get on Skype and have a voice chat, you can often resolve many problems.

My guess is that the employees were not given enough direction and somehow got confused and / or intimidated by the task assigned. Maybe these employees won’t work out for Paul (it sounds like they aren’t). But there may have been a miscommunication and using email will take FOREVER to resolve it.

The reason these people were taking 8-12 hours to reply to emails may have been because there was no understanding of what the working hours would be. I’ve often found that some of my guys like to start in the afternoon and work into the wee hours of the evening. I get daily updates from them at 2am their time.

The point is that you just DO NOT KNOW what is going on and you’ll not find out quickly enough by email. It will eat you up and it will piss you off to no end. So get on Skype, have a call, and figure it out. It’s way faster and more effective.

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