Today I signed up as a paid member of so I figured I’d start by writing an ActuallyRank review.

I’m not YET an affiliate. I expect to become one if I am happy with the system. I signed up for the basic package charging $69 per month.

Here’s how Actually Rank it is supposed to work. You sign up and you get access (via login) to 2000 places per month where you can leave a blog comment with a link to your money site.

The blog comment is supposed to be dofollow, rather than nofollow, although I’m not going to be upset if 10-20 percent are actually nofollow. Anything more than this and I’ll feel a bit misled.

The rules are simple. You go to the posts that you are given (up to 2000 at my level of subscription) and you leave a comment that is OF VALUE. You do NOT spam these sites. You leave a useful comment and then drop anchor text links after your comment. Being respectful keeps it all good.

Chris Rempel, the guy running this site, says that members will only share their links with at most 14 other users. So say the users in my shared pool only leave 200 links per month, then I’ll be sharing with only 1.4 users per blog post on average. That’s totally reasonable.

The system has just launched, and I haven’t had a chance to even log in yet, so I’ll update my review here when I know more.

My plan for this service is to use it myself, but also to give my login to one of my guys in the Philippines. Then he doesn’t need to write me emails telling me where we need more links. He can just look at our Google results (analytics, etc) and go build links himself where he deems them necessary. That’s the best way to do things for me because it is more or less hands off.

Anyway, I applaud Chris Rempel for putting together what looks to be a pretty awesome backlinking system. I have no idea what algorithm they used to find and then filter all of the high PR links they are giving us each month, but if it delivers on the promise it would be a bargain at 10x the price.

UPDATE 1: I was able to log in and check out how the system works. Overall I like the layout. I don’t really see the need to support projects within his website though. I think people should manage their linking projects within their own spreadsheets rather than on this membership site. So I’m not using that feature.

As many people are noticing from day one, the initial link package that we’ve gotten is not high quality. Most of the links are nofollow. Chris Rempel is MORE THAN AWARE of this problem and has acknowledged an algorithm problem that is to be resolved in a couple of days (we’ll get a new link package at that time). I’ll reserve judgment until after this happens.

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