From a marketing perspective, I often like to see what people are putting on YouTube. Sometimes it gives me good ideas. Anyway, I found this video review of on YouTube. It’s short, and seems fairly well balanced (not just all good stuff).

My thoughts:
He says that the training provided inside of ReplaceMyself is “weak”. I disagree with this. I think the training is actually very solid. Maybe he thinks it is weak because it is broken down into many steps. For example, on the training in sales copywriting, John basically provides about a dozen or more things that he wants your workers to go through. They could be PDF documents, audio lessons, or videos. Keep in mind this fits into the 80 / 20 rule. He is not creating novels or DVD courses to train your workers. He is giving them the knowledge that will allow them to get 80% of the job done, and enough knowledge to go out and LEARN the rest.

The free audio:
Obviously the free audio mentioned in the video is the one that John offers when you opt-in to his mailing list. It’s a great audio, and worth getting.

The training is a big time saver, in my opinion. I only wish he gave people more of the advanced hiring techniques that I’ve come to learn. But that’s why I created a bonus package as an affiliate :)

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