Over the last two months I learned some stuff about using autoresponders that blew me away. It completely changed the way that I think about using email and building relationships. It did so while making TOTAL sense and making me wonder why everyone else isn’t doing this.

Actually, I’m sure I do know the reason others aren’t doing this. It takes a bit of planning and time to do it right. Most people are lazy. If you choose to be different, you’ll make way more money.

If you are reading this then I’ll bet money you are in the Internet Marketing field, somehow looking to profit from your online activity.

If you know anything about marketing online then you know about autoresponders. You’re probably on lots of opt-in lists. Most likely you’re on some of the lists of the so-called “Gurus” in the industry.

I know I am.


You may have noticed that most people don’t add a lot of value when they send out email. They might seem to add value at first, but their broadcasts quickly turn into sales pitch after sales pitch. You just hit delete.

Guess what? If your own list is creating this same reaction in your potential customers, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Don’t be just another email-sending douche bag.

Enter Auto Responder Madness

Andre Chaperon is the guy behind a course that I bought back in July. Make no mistake about this – I bought his course and it ROCKED. Because of how strongly I feel about it I am promoting it as an affiliate. The affiliate program is private and only available to customers.

His course isn’t “cheap”. It’s $197 and it is delivered VIA EMAIL, so he’s actually teaching you how to “do” the email thing throughout the whole course.

It’s sold on Clickbank so you know you have a very real 60-day money back guarantee. I can’t imagine anyone would ask for a refund. Andre goes well above the call of duty. He acutally responds to email questions too, which is very cool.

What did I learn? I learned how to deliver an email sequence in the form of a story that builds suspence, releases tension through value-added content, and builds a strong desire by the reader to keep reading your stuff. It builds relationships. It makes people feel very good about what you send them. It does so in a totally ethical way.

I really hate writing sales messages to people who can obviously see right through them so I’m going to stop right here.

If you think that most of the emails you get are a waste of time and you want people to view your emails differently, then you need to check out what Andre is teaching. Period.

Here’s the link:

Visit the AutoResponder Madness Course

P.S. I know this post has nothing to do with outsourcing, but if you were to learn this system and spend YOUR time writing powerful autoresponder content then you could have your outsourcer working on link building, article marketing, squeeze page design, and bonus product creation.

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