If you do article marketing then you know about the importance of resource boxes. If you are new, article marketing means writing articles and publishing them in other people’s article directories. You get to include an “about the author” section at the end of the article where you can include links back to your websites.

This gives you the opportunity to get clicks on your articles (traffic) and it also gives you a backlink to your site which helps search engine rankings.

In case you need help creating resource boxes, here is an awesome free tool.

This tool, which was created by John Jonas, allows you to make a whole variety of resource boxes pointing to different URLs and using different keywords. This is particularly useful if you are using Unique Article Wizard (which is what I do).

Bottom line – this tool ROCKS and you should use it. You should give it to your outsourcing team also.

If you are at all confused – just go take a look at the tool and you’ll understand.

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