Outsourcing: Making Money from Amazon

Tonight I was browsing the Warrior Forum and came across another oh-so-common thread where the original poster was asking how people make money from the Amazon.com affiliate program.

Here’s my post to explain what I’m doing. Full disclosure, my Amazon activities are by no means a full time income today, but they are decent and growing and because I see how good the potential is, I’ve been doing a lot more of it over the last couple of months.

What is Amazon’s Affiliate Program All About?

Let’s start with the basics – if you have a website where you promote Amazon products you’ll earn a commission ranging from 4% up to about 7% depending on how much stuff you sell every month. You only need to sell about 6 or 7 items to get to the 6% mark, which is incredibly easy. So you should think about it as a 6% commission. Check the terms of the program because some categories, like electronics, only pay 4% no matter what.

There are two main ways to promote Amazon products. You can either write reviews, your you can contextually market products. Let me explain.

Reviews are pretty obvious, and are probably what most readers here will be doing. You either have a website in a niche and you post product reviews, or you create a website with a focus on niche product reviews. This is very common and is exactly what I’m doing. You summarize the product information along with customer feedback and provide a link to where the reader can go buy the product. You get traffic from people who are researching these products, and if you do a good job writing the reviews, you get clicks through to Amazon. Conversion tends to be around 6-7% based on my experience.

Contextual marketing is different. Instead of reviewing a product, you may write a blog post or an email and you may mention a product in the context of a story you’re telling, or information you’re sharing. This strategy is best suited to experienced marketers with a following. Say you had a popular email list in the health and fitness market. Maybe you’re writing about how you started cooking with coconut oil because of its health benefits. When you create anchor text (just like I did there), linking to Amazon, without offering a “review”, that’s contextual marketing.

But most of you are probably interested in doing product reviews. So let’s talk about that for a bit longer. There are some rules you need to abide by when writing reviews.

Here they are:

1) Make sure you review products that will pay you. You need to consider search volume and price. Most people say don’t promote products under $100 because they don’t pay much commission. That’s true, but if you find a $10 product that gets 30x more search volume than a $100 product, you’ll still make 3x as much money. Factor in volume AND price when you consider writing a review.

2) Always do keyword research on the product name or niche keyword, and then make sure you do proper on-page SEO by incorporating keywords in your title, description, headlines, URL, and several times in your body text.

3) Pick products that your writer is interested in writing about! This is REALLY important. If you are the writer, then you need to be interested. If you are hiring a full time writer from OnlineJobs.ph then you should ask your writer what gets him or her excited. Perhaps you can find good niches that your writer is personally interested in. This will help you add value in your reviews. This leads us to …

4) Make sure your reviews HELP PEOPLE. If they are crap, nobody will click them. If you can’t write, do not write reviews. Hire someone who can. Even hiring an American writer for $0.02 through TextBroker.com will be better than doing it yourself if you are not a good writer.

5) I personally find that text links work best. I link to the actual product page on Amazon, and I link to customer reviews. Amazon makes it easy to get an affiliate link to these variations of pages.

Outsourcing Amazon Review Sites

These days I outsource all of the review writing and most of the niche research. I hire people through OnlineJobs.ph to write for me full time and in their first (probation) month I will assign them a complete website to build. Obviously it takes less than a month to build a site, but I’ll hold their hand through the process without doing any of the work for them. I’ll just show them how to do things. I get them to pick products, pick domain names, install WordPress, write reviews and write articles to promote the site.

Other than “English writing”, everything else is easy to teach, so I focus on hiring people with some writing talent.

I do not have a full time graphics person. I simply outsource some small jobs to a freelancer that I like. A website header for my Amazon sites will cost me $2 (yes, I’m serious).

I spend my time managing projects, doing some niche research, and proof-reading some of the reviews to make sure quality is in check. I send my guys lots of emails or training videos to suggest ways to do things better. I work “on” my business rather than “in” my business. This is the only way to grow, in my view.

Getting Started with Amazon Review Sites

I recommend two products that happen to be sold at Clickbank.com to get started. Both of these should be handed over to your outsourcing team so that THEY can implement these for you, so long as you known enough to guide them. Remember guys – Clickbank forces vendors to offer a 60 day guarantee so I wouldn’t recommend this stuff (using my affiliate link) if I thought it was crap. These are both systems I purchased with my own money.

The first is Dan Brock’s Super Deadbeat Affiliate Program. I previously wrote about it here, and if you use my affiliate link to buy it I’ll send you my notes on how to make the program even better.

The second is Gary Gregory’s MOBS system. He doesn’t advertise this as an “Amazon” system, but it is PERFECT for building sites that promote physical products and it is a very complete system. You really can’t go wrong if you follow Gary’s instructions. He even shows you his own demo site that acts as a perfect model to follow. You need nothing more. If you buy this using my affiliate link I’ll send you a report I’ve been working on (for my team) that explains how to make Gary’s strategy even MORE powerful. Email me at info (at) replace-myself-bonus (dot) com to claim the bonus.

The Most Important Part: You won’t make money sitting on your ass thinking. You won’t make money analyzing stuff. You will only make money by taking action and making LOTS of mistakes. Trust me on this. You NEED to make a ton of mistakes to become profitable and luckily these are low-cost mistakes. But the faster you start, the faster you’ll make money. Once you make money you’ll understand exactly why you’re making money and you’ll be self sufficient. It really is that simple.

Today what I’ve got for you is a simple suggestion for making sales pages in WordPress. It’s a pretty common topic, so I hope this is helpful to you. If you don’t ever create sales pages, or if you have a HTML / CSS guru on your team, you can ignore this.

This is for the rest of us

I use a theme called FlexSqueeze to make sales pages. It seems that so many people ask about how to make beautiful sales pages in WordPress, yet so few are aware of this theme. The guy that created it has supported it with awesome service, and the theme just keeps getting better.

I used FlexSqueeze to create this site, and two other sites, including my main product sold on Clickbank. I did this when I didn’t have any outsourcers. I didn’t know much about CSS, so FlexSqueeze solved my challenges. I didn’t have to learn any fancy code. I just did cust & paste on example code and wrote my own copy.

Here’s a demo page I slapped up by cutting and pasting the demo code. You can see exactly can be done, literally, in a few minutes.

Oh, and here’s the pre-sell page I made for Replace Myself, which is the home page of this domain. All I did was write copy. I did no graphics work at all.

It comes with all sorts of styled lists, testimonial boxes, guarantee certificates, feature boxes, big arrows, buy buttons, opt-in forms, etc. It’s very professional.

If you need to have one of your guys in the Philippines create nice looking sales pages, this theme gives you everything you need to do it. Maybe you write the copy, maybe you hire a copywriter and hand off the copy to your outsourcer – it doesn’t matter.

FlexSqueeze makes sales pages (and squeeze pages) dead easy.

The theme costs $127 last time I checked, which is about average for premium themes.

Here’s my affiliate link:
FlexSqueeze Theme

There’s no rush to go buy it or anything. I just wanted you to be be aware of its existence because at some point, if you haven’t already created your own product, you’ll want to. And given the popularity of WordPress, it only makes sense to use it for creating your sales pages.

Like I said earlier – FlexSqueeze is the theme that I use on this website. I chose it because I wanted to crank out a quick Replace Myself Review + Bonus offer and it did the job beautifully.

There are tons of videos over at the FlexSqueeze Theme website showing you exactly how all of this fancy stuff is done with very little effort.

Happy outsourcing,
Chris Thompson

Internet marketers buy a lot of domains. BUT I’m pretty new to the idea of buying domains from other people. In the past I’ve always just picked domain names based on availability of new names, and I’ve never considered buying pre-registered domains.

…Not until my guy in the Philippines suggested it.

I’m not talking premium domain names here either. I’m just talking about domains that some other Joe Marketer registered. I’m talking about making an offer and simply buying it privately.

We’re building a lot of niche sites right now and I have one main guy doing all my keyword research and domain research. Last week he came back to me with a top-3 list of potential names for a new site.

But in addition to the top 3 list, he did something I never asked him to do. I love it when guys go beyond what they were asked to do. How cool is that?

Here is what he wrote to me:

“If you look at ExactMatchKeyword.org it is an abandoned site. Maybe he [the owner] will sell it? It ranks very well in Google”.

He was right. The site had 2 or 3 pages of content, but a perfect exact match on our keyword with a popular .org domain. The site ranks #2 for the keyword. It’s a SUPER thin site that we can make a lot better.

I visited NetworkSolutions.com and did a “whois” search. The owner had not used private registration so I was able to email him and offer him $150 for the domain. He asked me for $200 and we settled on $175. It’s a bargain for me because I know I’ll be able to sell a lot of physical product via Amazon using this site – especially once my Filipino writers create real content for the site.

Anyway, that’s your quick tip for today. When you have your guys look for domain ideas, always tell them to look at the .net, com and org extensions of the exact match keyword. You’ll be surprised how often the domain has been registered, but is not really being used. You might as well throw out an offer to see if you can buy it rather than start from scratch with a lesser-known extension (such as .biz, .info, etc).

Best regards,
Chris Thompson

P.S. I highly recommend you use Market Samurai for keyword research because it speeds up the process about 5x compared to using Google’s free keyword tool. Time is money. Here’s where you can get a free trial of Market Samurai.

ReplaceMyself Tips: Treating People with Respect

The following post is a direct cut and paste from WarriorForum, where a Filipino person post his thoughts on outsourcing. I think it’s essential that you read it.

Hi a Filipino here,

I’m not here to advertise myself. It’s just that, Too many people just want to hire us for a low salary and get all the work they can out of us. I’m NOT saying they’re ALL like this.

Show Respect! Sometimes, they treat us like a SLAVE or a ROBOT who can throw any words they want. Yes we ALL need a job.. But please treat us like a business partner, a friend, or just a normal person who has emotion and feelings. I believe if you treat us better, you’ll get something better in return. We would love to have a job, and we want to be hired by a business man who respect us..

I hope you guys understand what I want to say…….

Clearly he is not an article writer, ok? He’s an SEO. So dont’ judge his English. But this guy is BANG ON with what he’s saying. There are too many people that I’ve corresponded with who seem to think that the Philippines is a way to get slave labor. It isn’t. Yeah, it’s lower cost (much lower) but they are still real people. You can’t give them mindless work and expect it to continue for very long.

The typical example I see is people who want to outsource articles. They think that it should be pretty easy for some guy or girl in the Philippines to just “bang out a 500 word article in 30 minutes”. They then assume that this translates directly into at least 15 such articles per day.

Good luck to whoever thinks this is a way to run your business. You are destined to fail with an attitude like that.

My experience shows that if you have a writer simply write about topics that he or she is not personally passionate about, they WILL burn out. And it won’t take too long. So my advice is that you give your writer tasks aside from writing about non-interesting subjects. Ask for their input on what they’d like to learn. Teach them other skills so that they can rotate away from writing articles for a few days at a time.

A few examples could be:

  • Video marketing projects
  • Sales letter creation
  • Autoresponder series creation
  • Bonus material creations such as short ebooks

Not everything has to be an article in a niche where your writer couldn’t care less. Just put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you had to write about window cleaning all day long? Or how about sewing machines? Coffee makers? Backyard toys? It would get old fast.

Don’t treat your guys like robots or slaves. Treat them with respect.

“Replace Myself” works when you keep in mind that people should be treated just as you’d treat yourself :)

Thoughts into the Selection Process When Hiring Writers

This is a guest post from Antony Hayes. I asked him to share some of his tips with respect to hiring English writers. He clearly prefers native English speakers based in the US, but his tips are very useful,and apply equally to hiring offshore writes. Thanks Antony! You’ll find a link to his content writing website at the end of his article

Thoughts into the Selection Process When Hiring Writers

By Antony Hayes

I have been asked by Chris Thompson to write a guest blog on the selection process when looking to hire writers for short or long term projects. This is something that I am quite experienced in since I run my own content production company and always strive to provide clients with the best articles on the internet. For this to happen, I need to know how to spot the best writers and this is something that I have managed to refine down to a few simple points.

My Opinion on Native English Writers

First of all, I would like to just point out that when I first started, I used to concentrate on hiring writers from India and the Philippines but eventually decided to only use native English writers from the U.S. The main reason for this is because the majority of my articles need to be written for an American audience. As a result, it works out better to hire individuals already familiar with the education and government system, as well as the political state, various mannerisms and sayings within the country.

Additionally, it is so much easier to be able to find great writers from English speaking countries due to the fact that it is their natural language after all. This isn’t to say that there are no good writers from non-native countries and many people do choose to use this option due to the favorable exchange rates which invariably leads to cheaper services. In either case, knowing how to spot the best writers is a skill that needs to be learned. Below is a closer look at my recruitment process in a step by step format

Setting up the Advert

Whether you use Freelancer.com, oDesk, Elance or any other freelancing market place; the first step in finding the top writers revolves primarily around the advert. Always remember to offer a rate as high as you can afford as writing is a skill and should be treated as such, especially if you want the better writers applying. When it comes to the advert, be clear on your specifications as well as your requirements. However, keep the advert short and simple as writers won´t want to read an essay.

The First Message Says it All

The first message or introductory message from a writer usually says it all. If the writer’s message is pre written and has been pasted over, I won´t even read it. Secondly, if the message itself is poorly written, that is a direct reflection on the writer´s integrity as a writer. A writer who is truly particular will take care of grammar and spelling at all times, and not just when writing articles. I frequent Freelancer.com which is a bidding site; so I will always request applicant’s to bid a set amount as this also ensures that they at least took the time to read my advert.

Requesting a Sample

I will always request that applicants send through a few samples of their best writing with an introductory message. This should give employers a brief idea on the applicant’s writing skill but it doesn’t say it all. 9 times out of 10, I will also request a sample to be written according to my own specifications which I will pay for (and accept their bid) if it is written correctly. I only do this to those few out of the tens of applicants that make it onto my shortlist. Keep in mind that many writers refuse to do this as there have been some scams, so it helps to build a reputation first as a trustworthy employer.

Understanding the Sample

When analyzing the sample, it is important to consider the flow of the article as well as any subtle habits that the writer may have. For example, many inexperienced writers can only write in first or second person which is problematic for clients who want authoritative articles. However, it is more than possible to write in a conversational, easy to read tone without using words such as “you”, “I” or “we”. When it comes to the flow of the article, it is vital that the article follows a logical progression otherwise the end reader will lose interest after the first paragraph.

Other points to look out for include the structure of the article (even paragraphs / sub headers – both of which I am a stickler for), readability, as well as whether the article is actually helpful. Many writers have a habit of writing a neat article that looks good and may be grammatically correct, but won´t have any substantial information. I usually provide new writers with one chance to adjust their style to see if they will be compatible for future work. Lastly, any hint of plagiarism or a spun article will result in a terminated application.

Don’t Forget Important Details

During the recruitment process, remember to make sure that all aspects of current and future work have been discussed with the shortlisted and/or successful applicants. This will include information such as the writer’s daily writing capabilities, past topic experience, as well as whether the writer can work with short deadlines. Additional details can include formats and writing styles that the applicant is used to; as well the employer’s payment schedule. Making sure that nothing is left out will prevent any unnecessary bumps in the road later on.

Final Thoughts

When a writer has been found, make sure to have patience with the first couple of articles as they will need to get used to your particular preferred writing style. However, if you performed the recruitment process properly – the articles should be exactly what you are looking for. Just remember that writing is not a commodity and writers who do take pride in their art should be respected for it. I hope these points have been helpful, and please feel free to check out my website and get in contact if you have any enquiries.

Antony Hayes runs this online content production company, and kindly contributed this post as a guest blogger.

What NOT to do When Hiring a Filipino Writer

When hiring people make sure that you throw this faulty way of thinking straight into the garbage can where it belongs

Today I was browsing through some of the jobs that people have posted at OnlineJobs.ph and I came across one that I think is a classic example of failure-in-the-making.

I don’t want to paste the guy’s job description, but let me boil it down for you. The employer wants to pay $1.50 per article for articles that are at least 500 words, and well researched. The employer wants “professional writers”.

Let’s do some math, shall we?

If you are looking for quality writing I don’t think you’re going to get more than 4 unique articles per day from someone. There simply is not enough time to do proper research and proof-reading / editing otherwise.

But let’s pretend that someone was genius and could crank out 6 per day. Yes, that’s 6 well-written articles of 500 words or more per day. If you think that’s reasonable then I challenge you do exactly that, consistently, for at least 10 consecutive work days (take Sat-Sun off).

Now, how much does that lucky genius make? A whopping $9 per day. And if he gets sick, or if there is a power failure he does not get paid. The power goes out in the Philippines often. Oh, and he doesn’t get paid for vacations. Nice deal eh?

$9 per day works out to about $200 per month based on 22 days per month (remember to exclude weekends). I can tell you that I have NEVER come across a candidate on OnlineJobs.ph who can write in excellent English for that price. Never. Good writers will cost you at least double that price. Even mediocre writers will cost about $300.

This fantasy employee does not exist.

But the bigger point is this: Filipinos simply want a JOB. They want reliable income. They do not want you to pay them on a per article basis. If you approach them with this attitude they will run for the hills. And they should.

You need to approach hiring people as if you are giving them a REAL JOB. Not pay-per-article. In the end they will be much happier with this and you’ll get better work. You’ll have them thinking about your business rather than how many articles they can crank out for you. They’ll put more thought into proof reading, and they’ll do better research.

I’m sure if John Jonas was reading this he’d say the same thing (after all I learned this from him).

That’s the end of my rant for today.

There is a distinct difference in the types of questions newbies ask versus those who are more experienced. On forums, I constantly see people new to IM asking about article marketing. I think people see the appeal of article marketing because it costs nothing to get started. You can write your own articles, submit them for free, get backlinks, and make money.

The typical questions I see are:

  1. How much it costs to hire an article writer to write an article for my site?
  2. Is this a fair price for a 500 word article?
  3. Where should I find freelance article writers?

Those are fine for “starter questions”, but there is a bigger question to ask.

Specifically, you should be asking yourself if article marketing is a hobby or a business. If it is a real business, then you should be investing in having somebody do it for you on a full time basis. You should consider hiring at least one full-time writer to work on content creation for your website. Here is a brief list of all the “things” you can get a full-time writer to do for you, without having to pay by the word:

  • Write feature stories for your blog
  • Write helpful articles to submit to directories, for traffic and backlinks
  • Learn to do keyword research for your niche, to optimize article titles and copy
  • Follow other related blogs via RSS feed in order to come up with story ideas
  • Join some related forums and drop helpful comments along with links to your blog posts, to get backlinks and traffic
  • Create free reports that you can use as list-building material

Hiring a full time writer is NOT that expensive.

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Sure, you can hire an American writer. I don’t know what minimum wage is in the USA, but in Canada it equates to about $20k per year. Say you have to pay $15/hour for a young but “decent” American writer. That’s $30k per year. Certainly not “hobby” money in most people’s books!

Instead, consider the Philippines. They all speak English and they do their schooling in English. Books are in English. TV and Radio is in English. Signs on the street are in English. They are familiar with American expressions. You have to dig a bit to find great writers, because most of them will have small quirks about their writing that make it less than perfect (at least in my experience). But there are excellent people out there with great writing skills. They are smart, hardworking, and willing to learn.

There are two options, really. The first option is to hire someone who is lower cost, but where the work needs to be edited slightly. For $300/month you can certainly hire a full time writer with good research skills, and decent writing, but it won’t be perfect. You’ll either edit it yourself, or you’ll hire a native speaker part time to do the editing.

The second option is to hire someone who is able to write in perfect English. Generally you’ll spend perhaps $450+ for this per month, but the work will not require any editing. As you expand, what you can do is have at least ONE full time writer who you consider to be a “perfect” English writer and use him to do your editing or your “less than perfect” writers.

Also, in terms of editing, I would not bother doing much editing to articles that you submit to article directories, or forum comments. Just allow a decent writer to post them unedited. If, on the other hand, you are putting the content on your website then you should have it properly edited. You need to project a very strong image on your site.

Freelance versus Full Time

When you hire a freelance worker you have to realize that this worker is not only working for you. You are not taking on that person’s full time working hours. You are not benefiting from the learning that this person does in your niche market over the long run. But if article writing is a hobby for your website, then you can get along well with this.

When you hire a full time writer you get to teach them what you want, and you get to benefit from their expertise as it develops within your niche market(s).

Say you were going to be happy paying $0.02 per word at Textbroker. A 500 word article would cost you $10. It would be well written by an American. As a comparison, you could probably have several such articles written by a full time writer in the Philippines (say 4 articles per day, because they do take some research time). If your Filipino writer was making $450 per month this is $20 per day. Your articles are now costing you $5 instead of $10, and as the writer becomes more familiar with your topics he or she will get stronger.

The economics of hiring a full time writer seem obvious to me. How about you?

If you do article marketing then you know about the importance of resource boxes. If you are new, article marketing means writing articles and publishing them in other people’s article directories. You get to include an “about the author” section at the end of the article where you can include links back to your websites.

This gives you the opportunity to get clicks on your articles (traffic) and it also gives you a backlink to your site which helps search engine rankings.

In case you need help creating resource boxes, here is an awesome free tool.

This tool, which was created by John Jonas, allows you to make a whole variety of resource boxes pointing to different URLs and using different keywords. This is particularly useful if you are using Unique Article Wizard (which is what I do).

Bottom line – this tool ROCKS and you should use it. You should give it to your outsourcing team also.

If you are at all confused – just go take a look at the tool and you’ll understand.

Last weekend I got an email from an online marketer recommending Dan Brock’s “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” program. The crux of Dan’s program is how to use Amazon to generate passive online income.

Because I already believe in using Amazon, and because I’m a fan of continuous learning, I bought the course.

Here is my affiliate link (use this to get my notes)

I bought Super Deadbeat Affiliate for two reasons:

1) I think it’s important to always be learning
2) I think it is important to give training to your team of outsourced workers.

Dan Brock’s course is easy to “give” to my team because all they need is the URL for the customer login, along with my email address. That’s it.

I posted the details for them in BaseCamp (project management software I use) and I told my guys what training modules I wanted them to train on.

We’re about one week into this now and we’re busy writing product reviews, and picking niche markets.

Is Dan Brock’s Super DeadBeat Affiliate Any Good?

Yeah, it’s pretty good. It costs $37, but if you “exit” from the page it sends you to an optin form (exit splash). If you exit again you get a $10 discount so it actually costs only $27.

Considering the price, it is a total no brainer. You don’t need any of the up sells. If you outsource, you should get this just to give it to your guys.

It took me about 3 hours to go through the first set of modules focused on Amazon. I haven’t finished going through all of the other advanced training he has, but the basics of the course have definitely proven to be worth the money. The simple tricks he gives you to boost click-thru and conversion are very solid. He even gives you his HTML code to add in some nifty features that make your reviews look way more professional. When it comes to having my guys in the Philippines do this stuff for me, having the HTML is cut-and-paste easy for them. That’s cool.

The Economics of Doing This

I want you all to start thinking about the economics of using outsourcers to implement “stuff” for you. Whether it’s this Super Deadbeat Affiliate course, or something else, I am willing to get that the training material costs next to nothing compared to using the material with your team. That’s why I keep buying stuff!

So here’s what I found out: It takes about one day to put together one of these Super Deadbeat Affiliate sites. Generally Dan recommends starting with 5 product reviews, and these can be done by one person in one day without a lot of trouble. Basically that’s 90 minutes per review.

If you are paying your writer $300 per month (22 working days) then it should cost you about $25 to build a site. $10 for the domain and another $15 in writing costs. That’s the beginning. Then you might pay for some article marketing to promote the site, and build the site into a larger review site if it is making you money. But your initial per-site investment is pretty low. If you build 100 of these ($2500+ investment) and if 20% of them make $100 per month, then you’ll have $2k per month of income. In other words, the payback period is so low that you can’t afford NOT to try out a strategy like this.

The “Warning”

My warning is that you need to stick with the strategy for a while to see the results. Your first sites are not going to rank overnight. You need to figure that these sites will take 2-3 months before they start getting enough recognition by Google. So you can’t go into this (or any organic SEO) strategy expecting a payback within the first month or two. You need to suck up the investment for a bit before you see the reward. Be consistent and be patient. Just make sure you are following a proven system.

My Bonus for Super Deadbeat Affiliate:

If you happen to use my affiliate link please email me and I’ll send you my notes on what I think is missing from the course (there are a few things I’m doing differently and I can say this with some authority because I’ve been doing online marketing longer than Dan Brock). My own notes will be valuable to you as a bonus. Email me at info (at) replace-myself-bonus (dot) com.

Anyway, whether or not you get this program, the key advice I have for you is to buy good training and GIVE it to your guys. This will accelerate your progress. This is the advice that John Jonas gives to members of Replace Myself and I gotta say, he’s 100% correct. You’d be a fool to not give good training to your guys.

I wanted to show you a new feature at OnlineJobs.ph because after reviewing it, I think this is really cool John Jonas has added videos to OnlineJobs.ph so that job seekers can “pitch” themselves using video.

When you watch a video of someone, you get to hear how they speak. This makes it really to tell how good their English is, and how well they communicate. This is super important!

I think this is going to become my favorite way to screen people before I contact them. I also wanted to show you this one specific example (see video) because it clearly shows someone (a 35 year old woman named Anne) who has absolutely perfect English just as you’d expect from an American. She’s clearly pitching herself as a freelancer, so not someone you can hire full time, but I show you this just so you can see how good the English can be with a Filipino.

Free Access to OnlineJobs.ph

When you join Replace Myself, you get free access to OnlineJobs.ph, which means you can look up these candidates, get their contact info, and hire them.

I already emailed Anne to tell her how impressed I was with her video. I need someone to do freelance logo design anyway, so it fits one of my current needs.

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