I wanted to write up this quick post because it demonstrates the power of following a plan and setting it on autopilot using outsourcing.

As many readers know, I’m a member of John Jonas’ “Replace Myself” program and I hire full time employees to work for me in the Philippines.

For the time being we’ve stopped building Amazon sites simply because I have a few other high-priority projects and I don’t want to dilute my team’s work too much. But I have a total of something like 15 separate sites promoting Amazon niche products and nearly all of them make some money. A few are total duds, and a few are really profitable.

I won’t disclose exact numbers but I’m really serious when I say that you can build a handful of these and easily cover the cost of a full time employee. You can hire one person to build these sites for you, completely, and you’ll probably have your “handful” done in two months, and you can then either build more or downshift to “promotion only” while having your employee working on other tasks for you.

So that’s where I am now. I have about 15 of these sites and we’re concentrating on about 10 of them to boost rankings and revenue.

I have one employee who spends about 1/3 of her time writing a SINGLE article set every day. It is submitted to Unique Article Wizard, which is where the magic happens. UAW builds links for us in a very stable manner. It submits variations of the “article set” to hundreds of article sites over about two weeks (we set the rate). It attaches a RANDOM resource box to the end of the article based on a file that WE created. And obviously we created a slew of resource boxes to build links to the review pages that we want to promote, using anchor text that represents a variation of our keywords.

Two months ago I made that decision to stop building out new sites and instead focus on simply growing what we have. Every day we submit one article for one site, and we rotate through the 10 sites we’re focusing on in weeks.

This single task has doubled our revenue from Amazon. It’s actually up more than that, but I have one site that is somewhat geared towards summer products so I’m not counting the growth there. That’s more of a seasonal effect, but surely still helped by our UAW efforts.

The lesson in this is to come up with a system that you can manage, understand how it works and then set your guys in the Philippines out to execute on the plan. Be the manager and just guide them, while you come up with new money making projects. It’s great fun and it’s profitable.

Here’s more info on UAW in case you’re interested in using this. I joined because John Jonas recommended it and it was a very good rec.

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