Today what I’ve got for you is a simple suggestion for making sales pages in WordPress. It’s a pretty common topic, so I hope this is helpful to you. If you don’t ever create sales pages, or if you have a HTML / CSS guru on your team, you can ignore this.

This is for the rest of us

I use a theme called FlexSqueeze to make sales pages. It seems that so many people ask about how to make beautiful sales pages in WordPress, yet so few are aware of this theme. The guy that created it has supported it with awesome service, and the theme just keeps getting better.

I used FlexSqueeze to create this site, and two other sites, including my main product sold on Clickbank. I did this when I didn’t have any outsourcers. I didn’t know much about CSS, so FlexSqueeze solved my challenges. I didn’t have to learn any fancy code. I just did cust & paste on example code and wrote my own copy.

Here’s a demo page I slapped up by cutting and pasting the demo code. You can see exactly can be done, literally, in a few minutes.

Oh, and here’s the pre-sell page I made for Replace Myself, which is the home page of this domain. All I did was write copy. I did no graphics work at all.

It comes with all sorts of styled lists, testimonial boxes, guarantee certificates, feature boxes, big arrows, buy buttons, opt-in forms, etc. It’s very professional.

If you need to have one of your guys in the Philippines create nice looking sales pages, this theme gives you everything you need to do it. Maybe you write the copy, maybe you hire a copywriter and hand off the copy to your outsourcer – it doesn’t matter.

FlexSqueeze makes sales pages (and squeeze pages) dead easy.

The theme costs $127 last time I checked, which is about average for premium themes.

Here’s my affiliate link:
FlexSqueeze Theme

There’s no rush to go buy it or anything. I just wanted you to be be aware of its existence because at some point, if you haven’t already created your own product, you’ll want to. And given the popularity of WordPress, it only makes sense to use it for creating your sales pages.

Like I said earlier – FlexSqueeze is the theme that I use on this website. I chose it because I wanted to crank out a quick Replace Myself Review + Bonus offer and it did the job beautifully.

There are tons of videos over at the FlexSqueeze Theme website showing you exactly how all of this fancy stuff is done with very little effort.

Happy outsourcing,
Chris Thompson

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