This webcast is high quality and highly recommended. John Jonas is talking with Niche marketing superstar Adam Short. I’ve watched Adam before and I was impressed, so I knew this would be good right from the start.

Remember: When you decide to outsource, you should consider as a training tool. I’m offering this Replace Myself Bonus Package for those who use my link to purchase it.

John Jonas and Adam Short Webcast

Click on the “full screen” icon at the bottom right of the player to get a more clear view of what’s happening during the screencapture portion.

Answers to Common Questions:

This webinar was posted at John Jonas’ blog originally, and I used the embed code to share it here. I noticed that there were quite a few responses to the webinar in the comments section of his blog so I thought I’d answer a few of the common questions. Obviously Adam is selling his “Niche Profit Classroom 3.0″ course, which I’m NOT an affiliate for (but am considering buying). It looks like you can get 2 weeks of access for a buck, and if you are really intent on just learning and canceling, you can do that.

1) Do you have to build your own team to execute this business model?
Yes, naturally you do need to build your own team and that’s what ReplaceMyself is for. It teaches you how to hire people. Since writing (in English) is a key component of this business model you’ll definitely want to take advantage of my bonus offer which shows you some important tricks to hiring writers. I haven’t tasked my writers with doing an ebook, but I’m very confident they CAN do ebooks if I ask them to.

2) Do you get to keep your websites if you cancel?
I assume it depends on how you are hosting your sites. Adam offers free hosting so if you use this, and cancel, you probably lose your site (I assume). BUT hosting is uber-cheap and there is NO EXCUSE for relying on someone else to give you free hosting. Bluehost costs less than $7 per month. Just get your own darn hosting!

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