We all know that the Gurus do a pretty good job of giving away good quality content. I’ve started having my Filipino workers go through this training and send me their notes. This way they are the ones learning it so they can implement it, and I’m not spending my time watching & explaining concepts to them. After all they will often be the ones doing the work. And by having them send me their notes, I get to see the quality of the information (helps me decide if maybe I’ll go back and watch it myself) … and I also get to see if my Filipino worker truly understood the video (based on the quality of his notes).

I recently assigned one guy the job of watching Jeff Johnson’s pre-launch sequence where he explains how to do Youtube marketing more effectively. This is pretty timely since we’ve started taking all of our articles and converting them to video and uploading to YouTube. The Youtube “Bounceback” strategy that my guy sent me notes on makes lots of sense and I’m having him implement this.

FYI, here’s how we take articles and turn them into videos. This happens to be for a website where the content is really important to me so I tend to write most of it myself. What I do is take the articles and read them into my microphone. If they are long articles I will break them into 2 or 3 sections and make up to 3 recordings.

I save the audio as MP3 and upload to our project management software. My guy in the Philippines then takes the MP3 and throws it into Windows Movie Maker (free) and ads a title slide with a nice background. The background actually moves, so the viewer can tell that it is actually playing properly, not stalled. This features is built into Windows Movie Maker.

So he takes my MP3, ads a title, and saves as an MP4 and then uploads to YouTube. He crafts a description of the video based on our chosen keyword + snippets of the published article.

From my perspective it takes less than 10 minutes to turn an article into a video. All I’m doing is speaking, saving and uploading. He does the rest.

Now, thanks to having him use Jeff’s free training, he has a better knowledge base on which to achieve better results for my business.

As a final little piece of advice, I’ve found that I used to get WORSE results out of my outsourcers when I tried to give them every possible piece of help needed to do a job. I was simply training them to rely on me for help and answers. Not any more. Now I give them just the basic description of what I want done and I tell them to do their best to figure it out and ask me for help only if needed. Instantly better results. DO THIS. It really does work.

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