I tend to follow a lot of discussion forums where people ask about outsourcing, When it comes to hiring your own VA I’m a believer that you should hire your own dedicated employees. Ideally, you should cross-train your workers so that if one was to leave, another can pick up the important work.

Anyway, I often see people asking about how much it costs, and if it is really reasonable to get a full time worker for the kind of salaries that are mentioned in people’s advertisements. For example, John Jonas talks about how you can get someone for $250, or $350 per month. John Reese, in his Outsource Force videos, talked about getting someone for about $3 per hour. Is this realistic?

The short answer is yes.

If you look for employees over at OnlineJobs.ph you’ll see that people put their salary expectations in their profile. These are in Philippine Pesos, on a monthly basis. So if someone asks for 15,000P per month, and there are 46 Pesos per US dollar, then they are asking for $326 US per month. This is very typical.

Here’s what I have noticed:

  • Young workers will often work for less, just as you’d expect. I’ve seen young people asking for only $100 per month full time. Not often, but it does happen. If you snag someone at that level you should look to raise them quickly so they are happy. You can’t live well on $100 per month even in the Philippines.
  • $300 is very typical for people with some online experience, but maybe 1-2 years. You should be able to find people at that level who are trainable, dependable, and write good English. You can actually find very solid English writing for that price. But again, as you teach them more skills, you should give them raises.
  • If you need a part time employee to do graphics, web work, or other skills that do not involve precisely written English, you can get that easily. You should pro-rate the salary accordingly so if you need 20 hours per week, you can typically arrange for $150 per month.

John Jonas’ “Replace Myself” system gets you free access to OnlineJobs.ph, which is where I hire most of my workers. I actually prefer it to BestJobs.ph right now.

Before you get a membership, make sure you read my review, and also check out the bonus package that I’m offering.

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