Every so often I see forum threads talking about this topic. How long should my article writer take to write a 500 word article? How many articles a day should I expect from my writer? How long should article rewrites take?

Here is my answer:

If you really want to understand how long a task should take, do it yourself. When it comes to article writing, you should spend a bit of time doing it yourself so you understand, and appreciate what is involved. Only then should you feel you are qualified to “judge” the work you get from your outsourced workers.

I recommend using Unique Article Wizard for article submission. I put my money where my mouth is. I have writers that are paid to create article to go into this system. So how do I know if I’m getting my money’s worth? Simple – I have done article myself and I know what to expect.

Here is an example from today: I actually thought of doing this blog post because I had just finished writing one article along with 2 re-writes of the same article. I wanted to know how long the whole process took me to complete.

Stats: My article was written on a topic I know very well, and required zero research. Add any research time to your expectations. My original article was 320 words. The two rewrites were 437 and 388 words each.

In case you are wondering, Unique Article Wizard uses 3 versions of an article in order to give you the human-written “uniqueness” when they are submitted to hundreds of directories and blogs.

Time taken: The original article took me 20 minutes to write. That does not include any proof reading or editing. I’m a very fast typist, I knew the topic well and it just “flowed” rather easily. I expect someone I hire should probably spend 45 minutes on this.

My rewrites each took me 10 minutes. I timed them with a stopwatch.

What’s left: As I write this blog post I have 3 finished articles. I’ll now need to go into the Unique Article Wizard portal and paste them, pick categories, add keywords, and spell check the articles. I’ll also need to create the resource boxes that I want to use (to get my backlinks). I expect that process will take me about 15 minutes.

Adding it all up: If you add up the entire workflow I described above, you get 55 minutes. Let’s call it an hour. That is the time it took ME. I would expect someone not as skilled at typing / composing articles would spend at least 50% more time on this, so let’s call it 1.5 hours per full article set.

Now let’s get realistic. What I shared with you above included only the actual working time. Guess what? I was having a cup of coffee, so between re-writes I drank some coffee. That naturally leads itself to a bathroom break. I also took some quick mental breaks between re-writes. Heck, I stopped to change gears by writing this blog post (something your outsourced employee obviously should not be doing during work hours). But my point is that your employee will require mental and physical breaks. Nobody can be expected to sit at a computer and crank out content without stopping.

Take your time and triple it.
If my non-stop-time would be 1 hour then I have to adjust to account for 1) my employee won’t be as fast as I am; 2) we all need breaks. So I would expect my employee can finish an entire article set + submit that article set within 3 hours. If any research is required then again you need to pad this number further.

My conclusion
is that if I’m asking my article writers to work 8 hours per day then I should expect about 3 article sets per day of work. Anything more that this is probably unsustainable, poorly written, and demotivating for your employees.

I use Unique Article Wizard, and clearly I think you should do. Please consider using my link for it if you are going to join. If you do, I’ll send you the same bonus package that I describe here. This will help you hire and train writers.

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