I am a big time believer in training people not only to do a job, but to be able to think about how to improve upon the job. I also believe in allowing my outsourcers (the guys who are with me full time) to do training during their work day and I’ll pay them for it (and buy material if needed).

Today one of my guys sent me his daily update. He spent the entire day listening to and watching Jeff Johnson’s “unstoppable traffic” videos. He found out about them, opted in to Jeff’s list and told me he thought they would be useful. I said “Ok, go ahead and watch them and summarize them for me”.

He sent me a text file with all of his notes. He told me which ones I should watch. This is really super cool because after I do so (and I will, I love to learn), I’ll ask him to come up with an implementation plan. I’ll let him drive the bus, so to speak. But I’ll know the map he’s following. I’ll suggest course corrections if necessary.

This mentality that I have regarding educating people is not new to me. I’ve had it my entire adult life. But it was also strongly reinforced in the training material I got from John Jonas. His training and thinking strategies are fantastic.

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