Who is John Jonas and Why Should You Pay Any Attention to Anything He Says?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are an Internet Marketer who got wind of this guy named John Jonas who teaches people how to do outsourcing not only for less cost, but with better results…

… and you’re wondering if he’s worth listening to, right?

What I’ll share with you here:
I’ll tell you what I know about John Jonas, and I’ll tell you whether the claims he makes are real, based on my own experience. In case you want the short version .. yeah, his advice is solid. You should pay attention to what this guy says even if you never buy anything from him (which is hard to do once you start listening and benefiting).

Here’s what I know about John Jonas

  • Unlike a lot of “guru” marketers, he doesn’t just sell IM products. He uses his own Filipino team to create a lot of review sites (just as I’m doing now, using his outsourcing concepts).
  • He teaches people to outsource specifically to the Philippines because of the unique culture of the country, along with its status as a low-cost country.
  • His outsourcing “system” is based on Tim Ferriss’ principles in “The Four Hour Work Week”. Since that particular book changed my life I was very drawn to John Jonas’s methods of outsourcing.
  • Jonas teach people to implement systems in their business, and then teach those systems to their employees. This is the difference that makes the difference, compared to hiring freelancers who work for you on a one-off basis (per-project) and then move to the next job.
  • He runs ReplaceMyself.com which is a website dedicated to helping people learn these outsourcing techniques.
  • He owns and runs OnlineJobs.ph, which is a job site for Filipinos who want to work for Americans (or Canadians, Europeans, Australians, etc) in a full time or part time position. It’s probably the only “work from home” job site in the Philippines so it attracts a lot of good candidates. Brilliant move by John Jonas to put together this site.
  • He runs JonasBlog.com, his own personal blog where he mostly talks about outsourcing and uses it as an avenue to market ReplaceMyself (nothing wrong with that. His blog provides awesome information for free.
  • Based on what I have seen, from being a customer of ReplaceMyself, I can attest to the fact that John Jonas puts out high quality information. He is not about quantity. He does not waste words. I appreciate that quality in him.

Are The Claims John Jonas Makes Real?

Here’s my take on things:

Claim #1: You can hire full time employees for $250 per month. TRUE
. I know it sounds a bit shocking but just do some reading about the GDP in the Philippines and you’ll see that $250/month is below the average wage, but still quite realistic as a starting wage. John Jonas doesn’t advocate hiring people at low wages and keeping them at low wages. Instead he suggests you start people at a salary below where you want them to be, and give them raises quickly upon seeing them grow into their role.

Claim #2: English is extremely common in the Philippines. TRUE. I was shocked by this also – mainly because I knew nothing other than that the Phils is an “Asian” country, so I figured English would be uncommon. Not so. I watched a short documentary John Jonas made from a trip there, and all signs are in English, as are most official documents, etc. I visited blogs from Filipino writes and I could see photos clearly showing English signs everywhere. I’ve spoken to tons of candidates via Skype and the level of English is very strong!

Claim #3: They are honest, loyal workers. MOSTLY TRUE. John Jonas tends to talk in extremes, and it’s just his nature. When he says that every single Filipino worker is smart, hard working and loyal, he means that MOST of them are. No country is perfect, and nobody is perfect. Most workers I’ve hired have been very good with the exception of a few. Part time workers (usually students) have generally not been as good because their loyalty lies elsewhere (i.e. school). Full timers have been much better for me. But remember – these are PEOPLE, and you may have their loyalty from the start but you need to keep it. Don’t mistreat them.

What John Jonas Says about Common Mistakes

People who have joined ReplaceMyself.com have sometimes failed to pay attention to John Jonas’ advice. I’ve been reading his blog for a while and there are two common mistakes that crop up over and over again, according to him.

Mistake #1
– Trying to hire someone to do everything for you. This is really common. Instead you need to hire someone for one specific skill and have them work for you on that one skill until you’re ready to have them add a new skill. Then provide training for the new skill. Progress into new skills over a period of months, not days.

But definitely pay attention to what John Jonas says here – do NOT simply hire someone to outsource all of your work from niche research to keyword research to blog installation, article writing, backlinking, graphics creation and sales letter creation. It doesn’t work that way! Be the CEO of your business and provide training. That’s what John Jonas created Replace Myself for – it gives you the training modules that you’ll need.

Mistake #2 – Hiring too many people at once. According to John Jonas, lots of Replace Myself members go out and instantly hire 3 or 4 employees. The problem with this is that you, as the boss, won’t have time to organize everyone’s workload. So the employees you hired will feel that they have not enough work, and not enough communication from you. As a result, they feel insecure about their job and worry that it will disappear.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring too many people and diluting your initial attention to them. Focus on your first hire until he or she is up to speed on a task. Then add another person. Otherwise your employee will not believe the job is stable, and will start looking elsewhere in search of stability. Do what John Jonas tells you to do and you’ll be fine. Trust his experience, not your “gut instinct” on something you don’t know about (yet).

Replace Myself Bonus Offer

I act as an affiliate for ReplaceMyself and I’ve put together a pretty awesome bonus package. All you need to do is use my affiliate link when ordering. My bonus will get you started with a proper business plan, as well as offer you some great training on article marketing, review writing and (most important) how to hire English writers. The people who have claimed this bonus have told me it’s FAR better than they imagined it would be. I agree :)


John Jonas’ Free Outsourcing Call

If you haven’t get grabbed this free MP3 you’re nuts to miss out on it. Here’s the deal. John Jonas put together an hour-long audio recording where he spills the beans on his system. It’s not a product pitch at all – it’s real content. In fact, I was surprised when I first listened to it because he shows you how you can get started hiring people in the Philippines WITHOUT needing to sign up to his service at all.