A lot of people are curious just what is taught with respect to John Jonas outsourcing methods. As a customer of his Replace Myself service, and an active outsourcer, I can certainly help answer that question.

First of all, John teaches people to outsource in order to free their time.
. If you haven’t yet read the book “The Four Hour Work Week” then it would be worth your while to order a copy
over at amazon.com and read it cover to cover immediately. It will massively change they way you think about time, life, money, jobs, etc. It was life changing for me and I’m sure it will be for you. For many of us, this is where it all begins. John Jonas outsourcing methods are based upon the concepts taught in that book. Best $13 you’ll ever spend. The “in a nutshell” version of the book is that you do not want to make a linear trade between time and money. 40 hours per week should not translate directly into $x per year income. Instead, you want to make the income completely independent of your time. The only way to do that is to own a business, but not spend your time IN the business. Spend it ON the business. Have other people do lots of your work.

John will advise you to outsource to the Philippines.
There are specific reasons for this, and I have to say that after experiencing this myself – he is right. The Philippines is an incredible place to get work done for you. The workers don’t cost very much by our standards here in North America, and they do great work.

He recommends you hire full time employees. The theory on this is simple. You want your own guys working for you full time, forever. Basically you want to treat your business like a business with employees who have jobs. This way they develop skill in YOUR business, and re-invest that skill in making you more money. In an alternative setup you might to to elance or Odesk and hire a freelancer. That freelancer would do something for you, you would hand-hold them to get it right, and they’d move on (along with their new education) to a new job and you’d have to repeat the teaching to someone else next time. It’s better to train someone, pay them well, build up trust, and hand over everything to them to do. Give them login details to websites, give them access to tools that you purchased, train them, work together, build a relationship with them, etc.

He offers you awesome trainingJohn has put together a bunch of great training modules that you literally hand over to your employees so they get up to speed quickly on most of the critical areas of internet marketing. This is a huge time saver.

So that’s, in a nutshell, what John Jonas outsourcing is all about. He has a certain way of thinking about business that is incredibly simple, yet smart. It’s definitely worth learning from him.

What to do next:

If you want to learn more about John Jonas outsourcing techniques I recommend you do one of these two things:

First, go sign up for John’s free audio lesson. This is incredibly educational and is what got me hooked on his methods.
Second, go and read my Replace Myself Review. You’ll find it helpful also.

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