John Jonas just posted a nice audio interview on his website that you should definitely listen to. Unlike so many of the hour-long fluff pieces out there, this is short and sweet. Just let it play while you delete your junk mail.

The conversation is with a guy named Scott, and John gets him to walk through what he’s doing to get revenue from local SEO clients, but outsourcing all of the work to the Philippines.

If I was starting over I am pretty sure I’d get involved in doing this sort of business because I believe the revenue opportunity is quite large … but the strategy still revolves around one simple thing: 1) have a business model; 2) hire someone to do the time-consuming parts of that business model for you; 3) focus on running the business, and growing the business rather than working “in” the business.

Go listen to this interview between John Jonas and Scott.

After you listen, consider checking out John’s program called “Replace Myself”. This is exactly what I did a couple of years ago and there is no turning back. I have fully embraced the idea of having full time employees for around $300 per month and up. It DOES work. Seriously.

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