Today I want to give you another simple case study about article marketing + blogging. This is a story about how I got a first-page Google ranking for a profitable keyword within one month. It will generate me auto-pilot income for (likely) years to come. It took some up-front investment in time, but it is easily outsourceable and repeatable.

Got your interest? Good. Let’s move right along.

Important side note:
When I say “article marketing” I’m specifically talking about Unique Article Wizard, which is by far the easiest way to accomplish these results. It is not free, but as you’ll eventually learn throughout your marketing career, you need to pay for good quality stuff if you want to succeed. If you subscribe to this service using my link I will give you the same bonus package that I offer to people who join Replace Myself. See this page for info on the bonus package, and then just come back here and use my link to join UAW.

About the Product I Promote:

I chose an information product that has a recurring monthly fee and pays a decent commission. It’s something I feel very good about promoting because I’ve seen the content. Pick stuff you feel good about. Be ethical. Enough said.

The Keyword:

My goal was to rank very highly for the product name, and for variations such as “product name review”, etc. When people are searching on a product name it means they are interested in buying, but they need more information. It’s a great area to start with your marketing efforts.

Just so you know, the product name I want to rank for is two words. It’s harder to rank for two-word phrases compared to something like “Captain MonkeyUncle’s Large Brown Underwear”. Duh.

Assessing the Competition:

I don’t believe in huge keyword research. Keep it simple. Type the keyword into Google within quotes to reveal the number of pages with a phrase match for your keyword. Reminder, if the keyword is “Stinky Shoes”, you want to know exactly how many pages say those words in that order. You don’t want to skip the quotes or you’ll get a total number of pages that says “stinky” and “shoes” anywhere on the page.

In this case, my competition is about 90,000 pages. Certainly not child’s play, but definitely not rocket science to beat.

Now we look at Page Rank. Type the keyword into Google again, but without quotes this time. This is how your prospects type stuff, so copy them. Look at the top 10 results and get the page rank for each page. I use the FireFox plugin “SEO4Firefox” to do this. Average it out. If it is under 2 you should be in good shape. Above 2 and it will be harder to compete.

In my case, the average worked out to 1.1 (a few zeros, and a few pages with PR 1, 2, 3, and even a 4).

The Work Involved:

First, I setup a WordPress site. As usual I made the static home page the sales page. I then created a “blog” page and set that up so that’s where the blog posts go. Pretty ordinary so far. I have a guy who sets up sites like this for me and it takes him about 45 minutes to install WP, add the plugins, setup the pages, install the theme, etc. From there anyone can do the posting (myself or an employee).

I started publishing some decent articles as blog posts. Nothing huge, just stuff that I could whip off easily. I’m up to about a dozen posts on that blog over the course of a month.

Next Comes the Promotion via Article Marketing

I wrote a whopping total of 2 articles with educational information about the niche. I didn’t even mention the product in the articles. I just wrote for the reader, and I provided links back to my site in the resource box. It took me about 45 minutes to do each article, including the “re-writes” needed for the Unique Article Wizard system. Making the resource boxes took 10 minutes.

I submitted the articles separately (about 2 weeks apart) using Unique Article Wizard. I made sure to use a variety of titles and a variety of anchor text and resource boxes.

Ok Let’s Get to the Good Stuff … The Results!

At first I was nowhere to be seen on the first 3 pages of Google. I wasn’t even cracking the top 30! That is typical. I had no backlinks yet, and my site was pretty new. Remember, the articles had not yet been submitted at this stage!

About 2 weeks after I submitted my first article I was on the 2nd page of Google if you typed “product name review” (no quotes). But still nowhere to be seen for the product name alone. Mind you, my first article was still in the process of being drip-fed out to the directories.

That’s when I submitted the 2nd article. Again, I waited another two weeks. Every day the Unique Article Wizard would submit my articles to blogs and directories. I could see the pingbacks coming to my site each day, so I knew I was getting about 10 new backlinks per day (I set the articles to drip out to only 20 sites per day). BTW, I don’t keep the pingbacks. I delete them. But I like to see them come in since it tells me that backlinks are being formed.

After a total duration of four weeks, my rankings had significantly improved. And I mean SIGNIFICANTLY. I’m now showing on the first page for the main keyword. I’m ranked #8 as of this writing. If you add “review” after the keyword then I’m ranking #6.

Do you think I plan to stop there? Of course not! I’ll just submit another fresh article into the wizard every couple of weeks (or maybe every week if I’m aggressive) and I’m very confident I can get to the #2 or #3 spot (the top spot will probably always be owned by the product vendor’s site).

Very Important SEO Point: Results do NOT come instantly. Quit thinking that you can post something today and rank for it tomorrow. That’s definitely true for non-competitive phrases, but if there is even only mild competition it will take some time. Just be cool with that concept and plan to build a business around it.

The Money:

The site I’m referring to has brought in a few hundred bucks so far. Nothing huge, but remember that it’s still new and my rankings are still being built up in Google. I expect that making $1000 per month is very doable from this site. That’s just ONE site. Keep that in perspective when you think about the $67 cost for Unique Article Wizard.

Also remember that the time investment is only modest up-front, and then very light going forward. All I need to do is keep submitting a new article every month to ensure that competition doesn’t creep up behind me and push me out of the way.

Outsourcing These Projects

In this particular example I wrote the website content and articles myself. That’s because I know the market better than anyone who works for me. Plus I actually enjoy writing (as you may have noticed), so I pick topics that I want to write about and I outsource other topics. There are plenty of projects where I do none of the writing. I just manage the process. I have someone else setup WordPress. Someone else writes reviews. That same writer will do the articles and submit them to UAW for me (I literally don’t touch them).

Then my VA keeps track of analytics to see what’s getting traffic and what’s not. We’ve done this on tons of products and sometimes you get “easy rankings” with only a few backlinks.

If you know the rankings are coming quickly and the product converts, you can then go back and improve your review, add more content, add a bonus offer, or whatever. That’s the power of outsourcing. You can test a LOT of stuff very cheaply with someone else’s labor, and then you can go back and re-invest in the stuff that is working.

This way your efforts are concentrated on only worthwhile projects.

UAW Bonus Offer

I think you can tell that I’m pretty passionate about the power of Unique Article Wizard. If you buy it through my link I’ll give you the bonus package that I created for Replace Myself members (outsourcing stuff). The bonus covers a lot of important concepts involving UAW, outsourcing, and hiring English writers, so it will definitely be useful to you.

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