I was just working on publishing my review of Replace Myself today. I logged into my account so that I could write up a proper summary of all of the modules. Low and behold I noticed that John added a few new things to the very first module that customers get. Module 1 now includes two new training packages that cover social marketing. Specifically, the use of Twitter and LinkedIn. These are both things that I’m not currently doing in my business in any big way, and I probably should be doing them. So it’s nice to know I’ve got access to a training package that I can listen / watch myself and then hand over to one of my employees in the Philippines.

I’m also hard at work adding more bonus material to my bonus package. It’s kind of a dual benefit for me. Obviously I’m promoting the system as an affilliate, but the bonus material that I’ve created was all stuff that I needed to make for my own business anyway – that’s why you know it’s genuine. It’s stuff I actually use. It’s stuff I learned by DOING outsourcing.

All the best,

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