There seem to be a LOT of people asking about and whether it is any good as a place for online marketers to hire employees. I thought I’d take some time to write a quick post with my thoughts.

The Good Parts about

  • John Jonas owns the site, and he is an Internet marketer, so he will keep improving the site to suit the needs of people just like him. I like that.
  • There are TONS of resumes available on the site. It has become popular, so there are lots of job candidates to choose from.
  • You can post a job and have people find you. I like doing this and in my bonus package I reveal a strategy to get more qualified candidates to contact you.
  • You can bookmark favorite candidates.
  • You can mark your employees as “hired” when you hire them so other people won’t bug them.
  • If your worker marks himself as “not hired” you will get an email notice. Hey, sometimes people working for you full-time will try to get another job. It happens sometimes.

Things you Need to Know

  • Candidates rank THEMSELVES on their chosen skills. Keep this in mind because people tend to over-rate themselves.
  • You should think about the single most important skill you need in a person (besides English), and hire to fit that skill. Teach the rest later.
  • The site costs $47/month unless you are a member of “Replace Myself” (see bonus link above). If you are a “pro” member of Replace Myself then you’ll never have a monthly fee in your life. You get permanent membership. That’s what I did. The pro membership is offered as a one-time offer after you subscribe to John’s monthly package. This means you subscribe to the regular package and then you’ll see the up-sell offer. If you plan to outsource, this is HIGHLY worth the money.
  • You will need to come back to this site again and again. An employee may not work out, or might quit, and you will probably expand your business. You will hire from this site more than one time. That’s for sure.

The Conclusion

Simply put, I love and have found nearly all of my employees through this site. Some of them have not worked out, but that is not a reflection on the site. It’s a reflection of my novice hiring skills at the time, or my lack of defining what I wanted ahead of time. There are very good people out there to be found, you just have to go out and find them. You can’t expect a job site to solve your problems. It is more like a toolbox. You still need to know how to use the tools to craft something beautiful.

Remember: If you join Replace Myself using my link you can claim a great bonus package. Read all about it here.

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