I wanted to show you a new feature at OnlineJobs.ph because after reviewing it, I think this is really cool John Jonas has added videos to OnlineJobs.ph so that job seekers can “pitch” themselves using video.

When you watch a video of someone, you get to hear how they speak. This makes it really to tell how good their English is, and how well they communicate. This is super important!

I think this is going to become my favorite way to screen people before I contact them. I also wanted to show you this one specific example (see video) because it clearly shows someone (a 35 year old woman named Anne) who has absolutely perfect English just as you’d expect from an American. She’s clearly pitching herself as a freelancer, so not someone you can hire full time, but I show you this just so you can see how good the English can be with a Filipino.

Free Access to OnlineJobs.ph

When you join Replace Myself, you get free access to OnlineJobs.ph, which means you can look up these candidates, get their contact info, and hire them.

I already emailed Anne to tell her how impressed I was with her video. I need someone to do freelance logo design anyway, so it fits one of my current needs.

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