Last weekend I got an email from an online marketer recommending Dan Brock’s “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” program. The crux of Dan’s program is how to use Amazon to generate passive online income.

Because I already believe in using Amazon, and because I’m a fan of continuous learning, I bought the course.

Here is my affiliate link (use this to get my notes)

I bought Super Deadbeat Affiliate for two reasons:

1) I think it’s important to always be learning
2) I think it is important to give training to your team of outsourced workers.

Dan Brock’s course is easy to “give” to my team because all they need is the URL for the customer login, along with my email address. That’s it.

I posted the details for them in BaseCamp (project management software I use) and I told my guys what training modules I wanted them to train on.

We’re about one week into this now and we’re busy writing product reviews, and picking niche markets.

Is Dan Brock’s Super DeadBeat Affiliate Any Good?

Yeah, it’s pretty good. It costs $37, but if you “exit” from the page it sends you to an optin form (exit splash). If you exit again you get a $10 discount so it actually costs only $27.

Considering the price, it is a total no brainer. You don’t need any of the up sells. If you outsource, you should get this just to give it to your guys.

It took me about 3 hours to go through the first set of modules focused on Amazon. I haven’t finished going through all of the other advanced training he has, but the basics of the course have definitely proven to be worth the money. The simple tricks he gives you to boost click-thru and conversion are very solid. He even gives you his HTML code to add in some nifty features that make your reviews look way more professional. When it comes to having my guys in the Philippines do this stuff for me, having the HTML is cut-and-paste easy for them. That’s cool.

The Economics of Doing This

I want you all to start thinking about the economics of using outsourcers to implement “stuff” for you. Whether it’s this Super Deadbeat Affiliate course, or something else, I am willing to get that the training material costs next to nothing compared to using the material with your team. That’s why I keep buying stuff!

So here’s what I found out: It takes about one day to put together one of these Super Deadbeat Affiliate sites. Generally Dan recommends starting with 5 product reviews, and these can be done by one person in one day without a lot of trouble. Basically that’s 90 minutes per review.

If you are paying your writer $300 per month (22 working days) then it should cost you about $25 to build a site. $10 for the domain and another $15 in writing costs. That’s the beginning. Then you might pay for some article marketing to promote the site, and build the site into a larger review site if it is making you money. But your initial per-site investment is pretty low. If you build 100 of these ($2500+ investment) and if 20% of them make $100 per month, then you’ll have $2k per month of income. In other words, the payback period is so low that you can’t afford NOT to try out a strategy like this.

The “Warning”

My warning is that you need to stick with the strategy for a while to see the results. Your first sites are not going to rank overnight. You need to figure that these sites will take 2-3 months before they start getting enough recognition by Google. So you can’t go into this (or any organic SEO) strategy expecting a payback within the first month or two. You need to suck up the investment for a bit before you see the reward. Be consistent and be patient. Just make sure you are following a proven system.

My Bonus for Super Deadbeat Affiliate:

If you happen to use my affiliate link please email me and I’ll send you my notes on what I think is missing from the course (there are a few things I’m doing differently and I can say this with some authority because I’ve been doing online marketing longer than Dan Brock). My own notes will be valuable to you as a bonus. Email me at info (at) replace-myself-bonus (dot) com.

Anyway, whether or not you get this program, the key advice I have for you is to buy good training and GIVE it to your guys. This will accelerate your progress. This is the advice that John Jonas gives to members of Replace Myself and I gotta say, he’s 100% correct. You’d be a fool to not give good training to your guys.

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