There is a major distinction that I eventually learned when it comes to content creation. It is important to understand if you are going to get involved in outsourcing “stuff that is written”.

Here it is:

Articles are for backlinks. Website content is to make sales.

It really is that simple.

When you publish articles to article directories, you are generally doing it for the backlinking power of the articles. Because of this, it is not critical to have awesome content.

When you publish content on your own website, you want to drive the reader to take action. That could be to click over to an affiliate link, or to sign up for your autoresponder, or to buy YOUR product. Whatever it is, you are looking for action to be taken.

So how do you maximize ROI when you invest in outsourcing?

Hire “decent” writers to write articles. If you are going after backlinks, then you don’t need works of art. You need articles that are relatively useful and relatively free of spelling and grammar mistakes. I can hire someone any day of the week for about $300 per month to write these types of articles.

Hire top quality writers when you want content written for your own website. This includes landing pages, pre-sell pages, opt-in pages, or whatever you need. A higher quality writer will cost more, say $500 per month. But quality is important.

When doing article marketing is is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to submit unique articles to a wide variety of article directories and blogs. You need to use unique titles, and unique resource boxes.

The best way to do this is to use Unique Article Wizard. It costs $67 per month, and it is WELL worth the price. That is what I use. Seriously just do it and judge for yourself.

Just TRY to take my Unique Article Wizard account away from me. I’ll fight you all the way. It’s THAT good.

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