I wanted to share something that I’ve learned over the last few months, and I think it’s important.

Generally speaking, you’ll have better success if you hire someone on a full time basis as compared to hiring them part time.

I can’t say I know exactly why, and my sample size is not massive here, but I know that John Jonas gives out the same advice, as do many others who outsource to the Philippines.

I suspect it has to do with the fact that part time employees have other top priorities in life. Often I’ve had students work for me and they would turn in awesome work, only to flake out when school assignments got in the way. They just didn’t really seem to value the job, or NEED the job. It was nice to make money working for me part time, but not essential to their life.

The pattern is obvious. At first they are gung-ho to work. They deliver good work and pay attention to training material. Then they start delivering less work and reporting in less often. Eventually they don’t work out and you either arrange a new (less hours) agreement, or you let them go.

This has happened to me with a total of 3 part time employees so far, and ALL of them had been doing good work, and I would have kept them. I treated them very well, I looked for ways to work with them around their schedules, but it was obvious that the work was simply not high enough priority.

My full time people have ALL been substantially better. It’s very clear that they value their jobs more. So my advice is to hire people full time whenever possible.

If you can’t afford a full time person, it’s best to split their time with a fellow internet marketer friend. This is better than hiring someone part time.

If you must hire someone part time I would make it very clear that you want them to hold regular (defined) hours. Avoid having someone who just works 20 hours per week as it fits their changing schedule. I can promise you that this arrangement will fail. Get someone who can commit to 4 hours per day between 5-9pm, for example. That will be much easier to manage because you’ll expect daily communication from them at the end of their workday.

Bottom line – full time is better than part time, but if you do go part time make sure you establish some very similar rules about daily communication to improve your odds. I did not do this with my part time workers, and I’m sure it contributed to the failure of these relationships.

Hope that helps!

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