I decided to write this post in reply to a question that occasionally pops up over at the Warrior Forum.

Basically, the question is whether or not to promote products that have high gravity. There are lots of newbie guides that tell you to focus on high gravity. The reason they suggest this is because high gravity is a proxy for high sales. Low gravity, conversely, is a proxy for low sales. It is not a perfect measure, but is a good rule of thumb.

It’s All in How You Promote

The distinction I want to offer to you in this post is an important one. It’s about HOW you plan to promote the product.

There are many way to promote something, but let’s focus on two that are very different. First, we have the “conduit method”. I’m borrowing that name from Chris Rempel, who named it very appropriately. The second method is what we’ll call the “keyword focus” strategy.

Method 1: Reviews

The conduit method involves writing a review on the product and getting organic traffic from people who are researching the particular product. This website is a perfect example of the approach except that I’ve taken it to the next level by offering a bonus. This entire website is designed to rank for the product name “Replace Myself”, an outsourcing training program by John Jonas. If I do my job properly, then people who search for information about that product will find my site (and specifically, my review page).

If I was going to promote something through a review, and if I were focusing on getting traffic from people tying “Product name review” into Google, then I would want to be sure people were actually searching for information about the product. If it was a ClickBank product with low gravity, I wouldn’t bother because it would tell me that not enough people are searching for information on the product.

On the other hand, if the gravity was HUGE then the competition would be too fierce and I’d never get any organic traffic without a big investment in SEO. So my goal would be to pick products that had a decent gravity, but without too much good competition from people who have written review.

Method 2: Niche Keywords

The second method was the keyword focus method. Again, let’s stick with the “Replace Myself” product that I’m promoting here. If I wanted to promote it on a blog I probably wouldn’t name the domain Replace-Myself-Bonus.com. Instead I’d pick something more general like OutsourcingStrategies or whatever.

Then I would be writing great content to suck in traffic on relevant keywords in that market (but not product-specific keywords). In that case, what would matter to me was the quality of the product and the quality of the sales page (or the quality of the opt-in content given away). In that case, a lower gravity is probably indicative of LESS competition and an easier way to make money. But a massive gravity doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t compete. If the market is huge, like the weight loss market, then there are so many keywords you can focus on that you can always find a way to compete if you are creative.

Links Matter. Here’s What I Do:

Regardless of the promotion method you use, if you want to boost your rankings for particular keywords I recommend Unique Article Wizard. I’ve been using it along with the conduit method mentioned above for a variety of products (ClickBank and non-Clickbank). It is proving to be very profitable.

Here is a great post that I wrote describing the specific strategy that I’ve been using.

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