I wanted to discuss the synergy that comes from using outsourced article writers in combination with article marketing tools such as Unique Article Wizard. Before I go through a specific example, let me make something very clear to readers.

You absolutely must be willing to invest money in a project in order to generate a return on that investment.

For example, hiring a writer typically costs $300 or more per month (full time). Paying for a service such as Unique Article Wizard costs about $67 per month. When you have even one full time writer on your staff, the cost of a service such as UAW amounts to a 22% premium over and above the monthly salary for your writer. If you have two writers then we’re talking about a 10% premium.

Will your writers be able to bring you at least 10% or 20% more results if they use a service like UAW? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

My Example:

I recently wrote a product review for a $3000 item sold via Amazon. I wanted to get ranked for the product name, or for “product name review”. This would drive organic traffic and hopefully sales.

Because I actually own the product in question and I’m a passionate user, I wrote the review myself. Then I whipped off a quick article to submit to UAW.

I checked my organic rankings the next day, before any of the articles had gone out (there is about a 24 hour delay before UAW approves articles and submits them to sites). My review had been indexed, but I was showing up around 50-60 in the Google Results. That was not going to bring in ANY traffic at all! This review was for a popular item, and there was healthy competition. But I knew my review had potential to get ranked because I made it high quality, used keywords in headlines in several places, etc. Basically I did the necessary on page SEO steps.

It has now been about 2 weeks. I notice traffic to that review page has spiked up. So I checked to see where I rank. Big difference.

After 2 weeks my review is ranked #6 for “product name review” and #11 for “product name”.

(Update – after another 3 weeks my rankings moved to #4 and #7 for the same phrases with no new work)

The product name is a 3-word phrase, so not some uber-long-tail thing either. This is exactly what people will type into Google when they want information on this brand of product.

So let’s summarize what we’ve learned here.

1. I wrote a good quality review for a product that I know sells well.
2. I wrote ONE article set for UAW and submitted it to the wizard.
3. Two weeks later my rankings skyrocketed for the relevant keywords.

I’m confident that if I write another couple of articles with backlinks pointing to my review, I’ll crack the top 5 results for both keyword phrases.

So how do you make money?

First, you hire a writer who can do quality product reviews. Someone who you can teach to go out and actually gather up useful information for readers. You post those reviews to a WordPress website.

Second, you have that same writer come up with several good quality articles that link back to your review. You submit those articles to EZA, and the usual places, but also to UAW. You set those articles to get posted at a rate of 20-50 per day, and you submit one every week for a month.

If you do this for several expensive products at Amazon.com you’ll surely make a tidy profit. And this is a strategy that is massively scalable over and over again. Pick a niche that you feel good about, pick good quality products, write good quality reviews, and don’t be pushy when you “sell the click”. Just show people where to go get more information (at Amazon). Let Amazon close the sale.

This is an easy strategy, and completely easy to outsource using ReplaceMyself and UAW.

For more information about outsourcing, please read my review of Replace Myself, and make sure you look at the bonus I’m offering.

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