I’m an Internet Marketer, and like most of you, I’m on a ton of other people’s lists. I get promotional emails every day about something. Lately, I got a promotional email about some nifty project management software that competes with what oDesk provides you. The big feature they talked about was time tracking.

Let me say what I hope many of you are already thinking. I have NO interest in using any sort of time tracking software.

I believe in treating people the way I’d want to be treated if I were an employee. This means not having anyone police my hours. Now, obviously there are some exceptions. For example, if my job was to guard the cash register at a store, during operating hours, then there is a clear relation between hours worked and accomplishing the job. The job IS dependent upon being there. Another example would be working at a restaurant, or being a Lifeguard at a pool.

But in Internet Marketing, we hire people to use their brains when they do their work. We hire them to do some mechanical stuff, but find ways to be efficient on their own. We have some internal expectations of what they’ll accomplish in a day. If they meet those expectations, we should reward them. If they fail to meet those expectations, we should ask questions and help them get better.

If, after investing some time in an employee, you find that he or she simply is not outputting what you expect, then let the employee go. But don’t tell me that I need to start measuring their hours and turn them into a clock puncher. Not interested. Thanks.

I don’t need MORE work (tracking their hours). I simply need effective employees. By treating people well, and setting clear expectations, that’s what I get.

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