Hi everyone,

Today I’m taking a look at the new sales copywriting module that John Jonas put together for members of ReplaceMyself.com. When I joined the system, this module was not yet created, so new customers get even more content than I got. I had to add this to my package separately.

Anyway, if you know John’s philosophy at all, you know that he wants to provide training material that you can give to your outsourced employee so that they can learn how to do many of the tasks that you would otherwise have to do.

Sales copywriting is definitely one where I’d like to get my writers to do more work for me. But I didn’t really know how to train them on it. My thinking is that they don’t need to do a perfect job either. They need to do a good job to get the project started, and then I can critique the work, or do some minor edits to the sales copy. But I need them to understand the principles of copy, and the principles of making a sales page.

John’s training includes:

  • “Copy that Sells” pdf
  • “Promotional Emails that Sell” pdf
  • Michael Fortin Interview (audio)
  • Joe Vitale 1 (audio)
  • Joe Vitale 2 (audio)
  • Conversion secrets
  • Killer mini-sites
  • Blair Warren Sales Copy Training

He also provides an immense list of good examples of sales pages and squeeze pages. I’m pretty confident that when I give this training to any of my writers, they’ll be able to write much better copy. I’m also pretty sure than any of my guys who do HTML will be able to mirror the examples John gives in the examples section.

This training looks solid.

You can get access to it all at his website (replacemyself.com) but make sure you take advantage of my bonus offer first.

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