Today I read a blog post by John Cummings over at his blog. He wrote this post about outsourcing.

Key message: We all know it’s important to have an assistant to help us run our business. And while you may be able to hire one in the US (in his case), you probably can’t afford to go hire 2 or 3 extra assistants to test out new ideas. The cost of testing would be too high. Hence, you need to think of hiring Filipinos as a low cost way to be ABLE to test new ideas. Without outsourcing overseas, you simply won’t be able to try out new things to grow your business at nearly the same rate.

My view:
I completely agree. As in 110 percent. I’m doing exactly this type of experimentation in my own business. I have products of my own that I sell, but I’ve been expanding into affiliate marketing and I’m using my low-cost assistants to create content to test out marketing ideas. Some of them work, and some of them don’t work. The return on investment is enormous for those ideas that do work, and the loss is minimal for those that don’t work.

Remember – you can hire a full time person in the Philippines for about $200-$450 per month depending on the skill set and experience. At the low end, you’ll have to teach them everything. At the high end you should get someone very well versed in the skills you need.

Read my review of Replace Myself for more information on how this works.

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