Today I want to talk a bit about outsourcing as it pertains to article writing and the economics of doing this. I see countless posts over at, or other places, asking about how to get started outsourcing article marketing.

Obviously, article marketing can be a powerful way to promote your business. You get backlinks from your articles, and you get potential traffic from people who read your articles.

So let’s talk about your options when it comes to outsourcing article writing:

1) You can go to a freelancing site such as Elance or oDesk. Here you can probably hire someone to write articles for you either by the hour, or more likely, on a per-article basis. You generally spoon feed the person the exact keywords and other article requirements. They work for you but they also work for many other employers. They get paid by the article and they crank out whatever they crank out. You might get lucky and find a great person through this method, but it’s not easy. They have no real incentive to learn about YOUR business, and do anything to help you succeed beyond writing articles. They are not truly working for you.

2) You can hire your own writers to work for you full time. This is far more effective, in my own experience, because you are able to set expectations for how much output a person creates in an average week or month, while paying them a salary. This means they aren’t looking to crank out garbage. You can also teach them exactly what you need accomplished. You can show them how to do keyword research so that they know exactly what to write about without you needing to explain it on every single assignment. You can earn each other’s trust and you can give them your login details for article marketing accounts, so that they submit the articles for you. You can get them to track your rankings for keywords. There is FAR more value in having a dedicated employee than hiring a freelancer.

The Economics:

I use Unique Article Wizard, so whenever I have a writer do articles for me, I get 3 versions of the article along with a resource box file that we submit to the UAW service.

Imagine that on a typical day my writer takes plenty of breaks (you go nuts writing all day), and outputs a total of 3 article “sets” each day. That’s actually 9 articles, but only 3 topics because each “set” for UAW has 3 versions like I said above.

There are an average of 22 work days in a month. That’s 66 article sets per month. Say the salary is $400 per month. You can hire people for less, but I’m using numbers that are very achievable for you.

This works out to a cost of $6.06 per article set. Oh, and since my writers also submit to the Unique Article Wizard Service for me, this means that I’m getting a lot more than “just” an article. I’m completely outsourcing article marketing so that my time is free to figure out what the next growth path will be for my business.

Do you need a full time article writer?

If you are not sure, then you probably don’t have ambitious enough goals. With one writer on your staff, full time, you should be able to pick 3 niche markets, setup blogs within each niche market and find products that you can promote using a feature box in your blog (or the “What Would Seth Godin Do” plugin).

Then, you train your writer to follow the news on each niche market. You have your writer write one article per day for each of the blogs, and post to the blog. The writer then creates the 2nd version of each article and submits to (and perhaps other directories). Then, the writer creates the 3rd version of each article and submits the entire set (all 3 versions) to Unique Article Wizard.

If you pick niche markets that actually have buyers, and you promote products that actually sell, then you should have no problem making a solid profit with this strategy. And there are many variations of it.

For example you could have your writer do product reviews and write articles to point backlinks at your reviews. Go to some of the affiliate networks where physical products are promoted. CJ, ShareASale, LinkShare, etc. Find products that look like they sell very well (check for real user reviews online).

When you find a great product that you think you can promote, check the top 10 organic listings when you query the product name in Google. Look at the number of search results using phrase match (product name in quotes). Look at the average page rank of the top 10 listings using broad match (no quotes, the way people actually search). If you think you can get ranked for the product name, publish a review. Then start sending articles to the review using Unique Article Wizard. You’ll be surprised how many awesome products there are to sell out there once you move away from Clickbank. Even Amazon has a TON of stuff out there, but you need to focus on expensive products given the 6-6.5% commission cap.

The point is this: Hiring an article writer in the Philippines is very low cost. If you have ANY aspirations for making money online you better learn how to manage a few employees and you better learn how to do article marketing.

The side point is this:
If you are willing to step up to the plate and hire a dedicated employee for a few hundred bucks per month, then using a service such as Unique Article Wizard is a no-brainer. It’s like buying a car for $30k and not paying an extra $5k to be able to drive faster than everyone else.

Where to hire writers

My top recommendation is to use John Jonas’ training over at (make sure you claim your bonus through me)

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