Replace Myself now has 13 training modules

I joined Replace Myself several months ago when there were only 11 training modules. I paid $697 to become a permanent member using the “pro outsourcer” upsell that they offer at the time of purchase. I’m really happy I did this because I have no recurring monthly fees. I noticed that they’ve now added two new training modules, so the total is now 13.

Sales Copywriting

This module is all about training your employees to write sales copy for you. I haven’t tried to train my guys on this yet but I think it’s an incredibly useful idea and something I want to train them on. My experience in outsourcing to the Philippines suggests that their English skills are good, but they typically don’t understand sales copy unless they’ve been trained on it in the past. I think that if you train your workers they could write a lot of great copy for landing pages, squeeze pages and autoresponder messages. I also think that having this understanding would help them to do a better job on things like product reviews and resource boxes when article marketing.

High PR Link Building

This modules also looks interesting because it’s about getting QUALITY links to your page, from high pagerank sites. Everyone could use more of this. I don’t know what methods John is teaching here because I haven’t bought the modules yet, but I plan to get both of them.

Price update on Replace Myself Membership

The monthly price stays at $97, but the pro outsourcer package now costs $797, which is $100 more than what I paid. I think this is a pretty good deal still because you’re getting 13 training modules (which would cost $1300 on their own). If you were to stay a member for 8 months this whole things pays for itself. Besides, I am betting you’ll love it so much you’ll become an affiliate, and promote it to other people you know. You’ll have your membership paid for (with commissions) in no time.

That’s exactly what happened to me, and what prompted me to put together a quality bonus for Replace Myself members who join through my link.

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