I read a lot of threads about outsourcing on forums, and a lot of blog posts on the topic. Whenever anyone talks about how effective it is for their business, it is virtually a sure thing that someone will come in and reply with a comment like this:

“Well, I don’t really know about this. I tried outsourcing overseas before and it really didn’t work out. The guy couldn’t do anything that he said he could, and I kept giving him chances. Eventually I had to fire him. I don’t think outsourcing works.”

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • When you were a kid and you missed the bus, did you say that “Well, I just can’t use the public transport system. it’s impossible”?
  • When you had a date with a girl/guy, and it didn’t go well, did you say, “This dating thing just doesn’t work. I don’t think I can do it”?
  • When you bought some toy and got it home, only to find yourself disappointed by its quality did you say, “That’s it .. I’m not buying any more toys”?
  • When you take the milk out of your fridge and find it sour, do you say, “I’ll never buy milk at THAT grocery story again”?

Of COURSE you don’t!

So why is it that when someone has a bad experience outsourcing, they just want to give up? Probably because it is NOT a complete cakewalk, and it is a bit scary to become a “manager”. So if you are reading this and you fall into that camp of “not being sure” about outsourcing, just ask your self this:

Would you rather stop, and simply cease to move towards your goal?
Would you rather do EVERYTHING yourself? (This is impossible)?
…or would you rather figure out what you did wrong and get back up!

Maybe you hired the wrong person
Maybe you were a crappy manager
Maybe you provided no training or direction
Maybe you did not define tasks clearly
Maybe your expectations were wildly unrealistic

There are SO many possible reasons why you didn’t achieve what you expected when you first “tried” to outsource. You can either conclude that “all those offshore workers are no good”, or you can get smart and realize that you probably have more to learn.

There’s my rant for today. I hope you learned something from it. Seriously.

(Oh, BTW, this kind of stuff is exactly why you need to learn from what John Jonas teaches about outsourcing)

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