When hiring people make sure that you throw this faulty way of thinking straight into the garbage can where it belongs

Today I was browsing through some of the jobs that people have posted at OnlineJobs.ph and I came across one that I think is a classic example of failure-in-the-making.

I don’t want to paste the guy’s job description, but let me boil it down for you. The employer wants to pay $1.50 per article for articles that are at least 500 words, and well researched. The employer wants “professional writers”.

Let’s do some math, shall we?

If you are looking for quality writing I don’t think you’re going to get more than 4 unique articles per day from someone. There simply is not enough time to do proper research and proof-reading / editing otherwise.

But let’s pretend that someone was genius and could crank out 6 per day. Yes, that’s 6 well-written articles of 500 words or more per day. If you think that’s reasonable then I challenge you do exactly that, consistently, for at least 10 consecutive work days (take Sat-Sun off).

Now, how much does that lucky genius make? A whopping $9 per day. And if he gets sick, or if there is a power failure he does not get paid. The power goes out in the Philippines often. Oh, and he doesn’t get paid for vacations. Nice deal eh?

$9 per day works out to about $200 per month based on 22 days per month (remember to exclude weekends). I can tell you that I have NEVER come across a candidate on OnlineJobs.ph who can write in excellent English for that price. Never. Good writers will cost you at least double that price. Even mediocre writers will cost about $300.

This fantasy employee does not exist.

But the bigger point is this: Filipinos simply want a JOB. They want reliable income. They do not want you to pay them on a per article basis. If you approach them with this attitude they will run for the hills. And they should.

You need to approach hiring people as if you are giving them a REAL JOB. Not pay-per-article. In the end they will be much happier with this and you’ll get better work. You’ll have them thinking about your business rather than how many articles they can crank out for you. They’ll put more thought into proof reading, and they’ll do better research.

I’m sure if John Jonas was reading this he’d say the same thing (after all I learned this from him).

That’s the end of my rant for today.

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